Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm a Tenther.... How about you?

Sticking "-er" to the end of the topic du jour seems to be in vogue: "birthers", "tea baggers", "truthers", etc. Tonight I decided that I am a "Tenther". That is, I am a believer in the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution. (That's the one that reserves to the states and the people all powers not granted to the Federal Government and all those powers not prohibited to the states.)

Wikipedia has an article about the Tenther Movement. I didn't know this name was already in use, so I feel smart for having coined it myself. (If Leibniz can get credit for developing calculus along with Isaac Newton, I can also get credit for coining the term.)

Note: Being a "tenther" doesn't make me a secessionist. There are good reasons to have a federal government. Too bad so many of those reasons are obscured by present practices.

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  1. The 14th Amendment (1868) gutted the 10th by giving the SCOTUS final say. The obvious example is Bush v. Gore in 2000 in which the SCOTUS overrulled the FL Supreme Court.


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