Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Why are liberals so condescending?"

I was startled to come across this article in the Washington Post asking the question, "Why are liberals so condescending?" Within, Gerard Alexander examines statements from the 1950's forward that cast conservatism as "more of a psychiatric disorder than a rival."

Comments were closed, so it is difficult to know how other readers are responding to the article. I don't believe that every liberal is condescending, just as I believe that not every conservative is without guilt in destroying civility in public discourse. It is definitely a problem, however, when liberals appear to be running two out of three branches of the federal government.

I may not be the most intellectual conservative-libertarian, but I do not need liberal pity and condescension for my beliefs. I'd like to see leading liberals (and conservatives and libertarians) roll up their sleeves and talk about more facts and fewer opinions.

Here is a response article from Dan Kennedy in the U.K.

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