Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In Memoriam: Angus, 27 August 2010

He was a feisty kitty, born in rural Kansas amid tornadoes and thunderstorms. He travelled more than his peers, by road and air to California and finally to Virginia. He owned our local neighborhood, asserting dominance over all who walked in front of our house (including one of our clients and her two medium-sized dogs).

He was Kathy’s “deck buddy”, spending evenings and cooler days with her on the back deck, or on the lawn when she worked outside. Like other cats, he would lay upon us and assert his dining schedule over our sleep. He was (and we in return were) a source of warmth in the winter. He was Kathy’s companion of the past thirteen years and a founding member of our family. (I would not have been welcome had he not tolerated me from the beginning.)

He lived longer than most cats, thanks to the diligence and loving care Kathy gave. She once said that he had gotten her through veterinary school, and so it was proper that she get him through the struggles (and three near-death experiences) in his life. She did, and he did. God sent them to each other at a perfect time, and in His perfect time He took Angus back.

We are thankful for the time that we spent with him, and we are thankful for the luxury of sending him on from his comfortable home, surrounded by his loving family. We will miss him, and God willing we will see him again.

Rest in peace, little Angus. We send our love.

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