Sunday, April 5, 2009

Random Thought

Kathy and I had a picnic by the Rappahannock River this fine evening. The water is high and fast due to heavy rains we have experienced recently. It is also very clouded with silt.

Well this got us thinking! Does a fish in fast-moving silty water experience something similar to a human in a sandstorm in the desert? Does it hurt? Does it damage their eyes, mouth, gills, or skin? Does is impact respiration in the gills?

The wading birds were also in the water, which made us wonder how they catch any fish when they can't see through the water. Is this a catch-22 for the fish?


  1. Sounds like the conversation we had once about fishing without a fishing pole, and breathing without air.

  2. I remember you talking some nonsense like that. Do you remember the details???


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