Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What is the joke to these possible answers?

1) Consider a spherical cow [in a vacuum]. (JM)

2) Consider a frictionless cow that lactates uniformly in all directions. (ST)

3) Perform a small-scale test using a Gaussian goat and a Poisson pail. (CT)

4) It's a Schroedinger's cow problem. The milk is in the pail if you do not look at it. (JM)

5) Consider a cow traveling at the speed of light. A stationary observer is standing by. It follows intuitively that accidental cow tipping will undo creation. (CT & AT)

6) (Inexplicably missing)

7) Consider a cow suspended by a linear spring. (JM)

8) Imagine a cow sliding down an inclined plane with coefficient of sliding friction 0.2. (ST)

9) Okay, assume three unit cows are orthogonal to each other. (JM)

10) Okay, haven't you guys ever heard of evaporated milk? (JM)

11) A cow enters the event horizon of a singularity. One result certainly is condensed milk. (CT)

12) First use Schwartzchild's radius and look for black holes. (TC)

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