Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tax Time Stinks

Forget the winter blues. I've got the taxation blues.

I'm busy closing my year-end accounts for tax filings for my businesses. Every January (and at the beginning of each quarter--January is just the worst) I really hate having to be Uncle Sam's and the Commonwealth of Virginia's uncompensated tax collector. Last year I got smart and paid my accountant to do the annual payroll tax filings (W-2's, 1099's, etc.).

Has anyone ever sent government an invoice for tax collection services rendered? Had it paid? Does this make me a slave to my government?

And it will only get worse for me if Congress passes the health insurance reform bill. I hope that Brown wins in Massachusetts, and that the Democrats don't use reconciliation to pass the bill without cloture.

Please, God. Put an end to it! I don't want to suffer more!


  1. Pass the Fair Tax. Tell folks about the prebate and that FT replaces Federal Income Tax and FICA Social Security and Medicare. Best of all you choose when to pay your taxes. Even if you buy nothing, you still get a prebate check - as does Bill Gates!
    Jesus Christ is the answer, and He could come this year to take us home!


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