Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hot Air Balloon Liftoff

Here is a photo sequence of takeoff. We have a video of this as well, but until it is edited this will serve as a rough cut:

This lovely community of Rochelle is located in Madison County, Virginia, near the Orange County border. The bed and breakfast from which we launched is Ridge View Bed & Breakfast, and we are very thankful to the innkeepers for allowing us to have such a wonderful time at their home.

One of the interesting features of the launch is that the balloon has defrosted the ground under the basket. You should be able to make out a greener circular patch at the basket's launch site. We were heavily bundled against the cold weather, but I was not prepared for the warmth coming from the burner and from the gradual escape of the warmed air from the balloon. It made for a very pleasant trip--no shivering!

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