Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Views from a Hot Air Balloon

Our sister balloon descending over a pond. Dropping down near ponds revealed a colder layer of air. We used these to our advantage to get closer views. We spooked a lot of livestock doing this. (Sorry, farmers!)

We followed US Highway 29 for many miles, as it paralleled our course northward on the eastern side of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. A very eager driver pulled over to wave and to take pictures of us as we transited. (I hope his pictures come out, as he is shooting into the sun!) Our chase vehicle can be seen in the lower right corner.

Looking northward on US 29, the road loops through a rural community. I wonder if there was a church near this cemetary, or if this is a community cemetary. It is a very simple site, compared to many that I have seen, but it is no less dear to God than any of the others.

My nephew Nicholas needed to sit down near the end of the trip. It is hard for a child to stand in one place for an hour, and he was a real trooper. I am very happy that Nicholas was in our basket, because it makes it easier to see the ride through the proverbial eyes of a child. He made it more fun, because he thought differently than us adults about many of the things he saw. The pilot loaned him a small pair of binoculars so that he could explore better. I might have gotten nauseous doing that, but he didn't. And so he was able to point out many things that we did not see at first.
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  1. Wow, that first shot is gorgeous! Any chance you'd send me the original file? I'd love to print it and put it on my wall.

  2. I'll send it to you later this evening.


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