Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Views from a Hot Air Balloon

Floating low over farm ponds made it possible to capture our reflection. The water is a little filthy on the surface, but the reflection is unmistakable.

The expression of natural beauty in the farms and forests of Virginia provides a real contrast. In summer, this is all green. In winter, it is void of leaves and gray. This day, however, the leaves were at their autumn peak. They are alight with reds and oranges.

The bright morning sun on the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge Mountains illuminates the many farms that dominate this part of the countryside.

What happened to these cows? They look different! Not really--that is only their shadows, lengthened by the early morning sun. The many dark specks surrounding them would smell good to Kathy if we were low enough to sniff. I'm very glad that we did not land in a cattle field. (We landed in a hayfield instead!) I did not have the correct shoes for being in a manure-strewn field.
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